welcome to registration for The First tee central coast!

NOTE: Coronavirus Update: How will this affect our Spring Schedule?  Please CLICK HERE to read before registering for Spring. 

Modified 2020 Spring Schedule 

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding registration:

There are 2 bugs with our registration platform that are being worked on by our IT staff.  We hope to have these issues resolved ASAP…until then see below:

  1. When creating a NEW account if you do not create a password that fulfills the password requirements, the system will not let you create your account and will just give an error message.  If this happens to you open up the page in a new browser (refreshing the page is not enough) and create your account again, making sure your password contains the following: passwords must be at least 8 characters long, contain a capital letter, a number & a special character. If you try a new browser and still cannot create your account, email Jessani at jessani.thefirsttee@gmail.com and she will create your account for you.
  2. When registering 2 children the sibling discount is not always being applied.  Cost for 2 children should be $200.  You can go ahead and pay the total in your cart & we will reimburse your card for the difference OR you can choose the pay by check option and mail in your check for the correct amount of $200.

Click on the link below for step by step instructions to successfully register a new or returning participant to The First Tee.

Registration Instructions

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Financial Aid Instructions   

Important notes:

If you live in SB County and have an AXXESS card email jessani at jessani.thefirsttee@gmail.com for instructions on how to get our AXXESS special of $75.

If your child is part of a Home School program that reimburses organizations for extra curricular programs, register your child as normal and at checkout choose the “pay by check” payment option.  Follow protocol required with your Home School network and when we receive a check on your behalf we will update your child’s registration as “paid”.

If you have any questions or problems with registration, please contact Jessani Johnson in one of the following ways:
Email: jessani.thefirsttee@gmail.com
Phone or Text: (805) 637-5042